New features: tag filtering, private goals, Super Happy Magic Check Autocomplete


We’ve launched several new features on Wesabe this week, two based on requests in the “Make Wesabe Better” goal, and one just for fun (though it turns out to be very useful).

First, in our spending and earning summary pages, we show the total of your transactions by week and by tag. In some cases, this isn’t what you’d want to see. For instance, as much as we might like to think of it this way, when you make a payment on your creditcard, that isn’t really “earnings” (dang). There are other examples, too — if you make a lot of purchases for your job, you might want to keep those out of your personal spending report.

To help with this, we’ve added a way to filter tags out of your summaries. In the upper-right corner of each summary page, you’ll see a small form, which lets you choose the tags you want to exclude. One way to use this would be to tag all of your transfers between your accounts with the tag ‘transfer’, and then to filter the ‘transfer’ tag from your summaries. Or, you could filter ‘workexpense’, or as many tags as you want.

InvisibleSecond, we heard from a user (who shall remain anonymous) a while ago that he didn’t want his user icon showing up as a member of a certain goal — he was saving up for an engagement ring, and wanted his Intended to try Wesabe but not to find out about the ring he was planning to get her. I was married just last year, and had a fabulous time surprising my now-wife with her engagement ring, so I was, ahem, very sympathetic! As a result, we’ve added a way to keep your membership in a goal private. By default, when you join a group, your membership is public, but if you look at the goal page, you’ll see a link that says “You are a public member of this goal.” Click that link, and it will switch to “You are an invisible member of this goal.” When we launched this, the “Save Up For The Rock” goal, pictured above, suddenly plummeted in membership, as the people in the goal turned on invisibility. That’s great — and congrats, folks.

Finally, we try to make editing your transactions as easy as possible on Wesabe. If other members of Wesabe have edited the bank’s name for a merchant to a better name, we try to give you that cleaned-up, easy-on-the-eyes name automatically. Our goal is to make it so that all of your transactions appear edited as you’d want to see them — not in the form your bank uses for its bank-end systems.

With checks, though, this doesn’t work. If one person edited “Check #234” to read “Pacific Gas & Electric,” that doesn’t mean that everyone should have that edit applied automatically — you probably wrote your check #234 to someone different than I did. Fortunately, with some bank online bill pay systems, we get better data and can apply edits automatically, but for old paper checks, we wanted something more useful.

What we came up with is a feature we call “Super Happy Magic Check Autocomplete.” This gives you an autocomplete list of merchants you’ve written checks to in the past, sorted by how close in amount this check is to those. For instance, if you normally write a check to Sprint, your check amount will vary a bit based on how much you used your cell phone that month. The amount, though, is probably a lot closer to your last check to Sprint than it is to your rent check (hopefully!). By putting the closest amounts at the top of the list, you don’t have to type anything at all, but instead can just click on the name field, and then click on the payee to whom you wrote this check. This makes us, at least, Super Happy — editing checks is much easier, now.

We’ve got a lot of new features coming up soon, and we’re always happy to work on the things people ask for most. If you want to talk over which features matter most to you, join “Make Wesabe Better” and let us, and the community, know.

I also just wanted to say thank you to everyone who have given such fantastic and helpful feedback since our launch. Every single day, we get messages telling us how happy people are with Wesabe, and how we can improve the site for them. The community has been incredibly, unbelievably supportive and responsive, and has given us a fantastic list of ideas and suggestions for making Wesabe work better for everyone. You are Wesabe, and you’re making it a fantastic, supportive place for people all over the world (almost 100 countries now). Thank you, and please keep letting us know how we can make Wesabe better.

2 Responses to “New features: tag filtering, private goals, Super Happy Magic Check Autocomplete”

  1. Peter Says:

    I’ve got money (tracked in Wesabe) on “Super Happy Magic Check Autocomplete” being one of Coda’s names. Good solution.

  2. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Nope, Brad named this feature. But, the odds on that bet were good. 🙂

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