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I’ll be speaking twice at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference this coming March 26-29, 2007 in San Diego, California. ETech is my favorite conference of the year — a great gathering of people who want to talk about fun, new ideas. If you’re in the area or are attending, please drop by and say hi.

My conference session is entitled, “Super Ninja Privacy Techniques for Web App Developers.” At Wesabe, we’ve tried to come up with a bunch of new ways to protect our users’ privacy, and we have a set of newer ideas coming down the line. The session will lay out some of our techniques and how they might apply to other web applications, and talk about the best ways to think about users’ privacy and data rights when you are developing Web 2.0 applications.

During the conference tutorials, I’ll be presenting my talk for technical entrepreneurs, “Coder to Co-Founder: Entrepreneuring for Geeks.” If you’re interested in competing with Wesabe, come on by and I’ll tell you all about how we built it! đŸ™‚ I’ll also cover coming up with an idea, finding co-founders, getting things started, product development, hiring, and fundraising.

Hope to see you there.

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  1. Alex Andronov Says:


    Sorry for this completely off topic post but I didn’t know how to contact you direct.

    I saw this and thought of you…

    A bank here in the UK has created a debit card which automagically rounds up any purchases you make and puts the difference into a savings account of your choice. Making saving easier to swallow. It even has a safety feature on it which means that rounding up your purchases will never make you overdrawn.


    Keep up the good work,


  2. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Thanks, Alex, I’ll take a look at that. There’s a similar program in the US from Bank of America (“Keep the change”). I thought it sounded interesting, but heard a bunch of criticism of it recently. I’m curious about the good and bad of it.

    Thanks again!

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