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I’ve started getting a lot of questions about what it is like to be available to your customers 7 days a week. Many thousands of people visit our site every day, so some people might expect that I’m inundated with calls – not the case…I get between 3-5 calls a day (maybe one on Saturday and none on Sunday). I’m able to take 95% of the calls as they rarely overlap, and I try to schedule meetings before noon and after 4pm.

I also get roughly three calls where the caller hangs up shortly after I say “Wesabe this is Jason.” I think these are people trying to figure out if “talk to Jason” is real. Once I answer the phone the question is answered, and they have no more use for the call. It can be abrupt, but I think of these as successful outcomes…if slight abbreviated.

These numbers are significantly lower than I expected, and at one point I was actually a little disappointed, but I’ve come to see that disappointment as ego and not customer service. Taking calls now seems like a natural part of my work day, and not something special that I’m doing as a CEO – in fact this approach is fundamental to how all of us work at Wesabe. My co-founder Marc reads every single support email that comes in (over a thousand since launch) and then assigns them to the developer responsible for the feature in question. If something on the site isn’t working for you – the developer who wrote the code knows about it immediately.

For anyone else who is interested in taking customer phone calls, Quick stats:

Daily call: 3-5 (20 minutes each)
Sales calls: 1 (3 minutes…I try to convince the sales person to try out our service)
Hang-ups: 3

I also have a suggestion for anyone considering answering the phone: don’t have an agenda…you can’t have a real conversation if you have an agenda. I learned this lesson the hard way, and now I try to spend the call really listening to what people have to say.

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  1. Chip Scanlan Says:

    The day I signed up for wesabe and encountered problem uploading bank info, I took Jason up on his offer to call him. I was shocked when he answered, and delighted when he got me onto the site

    I can also attest to Marc’s attention to support emails.

    Clearly, they’re there for us.


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