New features: "Tips for Your Area," tag split tricks, export


We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback from people about Wesabe since launch, and we’ve launched a few new features based on what we’ve heard.

First, Brad added a way to see all of the tips in your local area, or any other area you want. A lot of the tips that have made it into Wesabe so far are very general, like “Don’t grocery shop when you’re hungry,” or the countervailing “DO grocery shop when you’re hungry” (ready….fight! ‘Don’t’ is in the lead…). The Wesabe tip system, though, supports tips that work at the level of a city or region. When you create a tip, you can say what area that tip applies to, by adding the postal code for it. I use this to give tips about the auto shop I use, the grocery store that I think is a great local deal, and the doctor who keeps me from safe from abject hypochondria. Obviously people in Nebraska don’t want to hear about grocery stores that only exist in Georgia, so we only show tips with a postal code to people who live somewhere near that code. (This currently works better only works for U.S. postal codes than others, I believe. Update: we’re on the case.)

The tips tab has some fantastic stuff in it already, and it’s great to see people really take to it. My hope is that local tips will start to build out some of the more specific suggestions that will help us get more from our money — not just general ideas and good advice, but solutions to local problems. One of the ideas about tips is that reviews on other sites are helpful, but don’t really get you to a good solution. They may just be a complaint about a bad company. With tips, we’re hoping that you get not just a negative recommendation but also a solution to a need. Don’t shop here — try this other place instead, it’s better.

There are, by the way, RSS feeds available for your area or any other area where we have tips.

Second, Brad also spiced up the tag splits feature. Tag splits are one of those features that not many people know about yet — we knew they were on the more complex end of things, so we added them without making too much noise about it just yet. You can divide one transaction into multiple tags like this:

Whole Foods                             $100.00
Tags: groceries:80 food:80 cashback:20 berkeley

When you look at your ‘groceries’ or ‘food’ tag pages, this transaction will be represented as $80.00. When you look at your ‘cashback’ tag page, it will be shown as $20.00. On the ‘berkeley’ tag page it will show up as $100.00. The number after the colon shows the amount you want applied to that tag. The numbers don’t have to add up to the value of the transaction — you can allocate them however you want.

Brad added some tricks to the split values, so that you can use simpler values to express how much of a transaction should be applied to different tags:

We just made some improvements to tag splits: you can now use fractions (“restaurant:1/3”) or percentages (“writeoff:25%”), and we’ll do the math for you.

A lot of people have asked for cash tracking, and while this isn’t a permanent fix for tracking your cash spending, it does give you a workaround. If you know you spend about 60% of your weekly cash on lunch, and about 30% on books, you can do this:

ATM Withdrawal                          $100.00
Tags: cash lunch:60% food:60% books:30%

and your tags will get the right values ($60 for lunch and food, $30 for books, and $100 for cash).

Coda also added in one of the features we talk about in our Data Bill of Rights, namely a way to export all of your account data. As he says:

At Wesabe, you can always download all your data—your data is yours.

You can get to the data export tool by clicking on your username in the top header (just below the pictures), then click “Manage your Account.” Right now the export is in XML format and it covers your account data (including all of your tags, edits, and ratings), but we’re planning to add other export formats as we go, including OFX 2. Want a particular export format? Let us know: <>.

Thanks again for all the great feedback. We’re still sorting through some of it, but we’ve added banks and credit cards in twelve more countries since launch, and we’ve fixed a number of the problems people have reported. We’re thrilled that a community has started to form around the site, and we’ll continue to respond to requests, feedback, and problems as quickly as we can.

5 Responses to “New features: "Tips for Your Area," tag split tricks, export”

  1. terrie Says:

    I really like being able to split tags!

    But the example of the Whole Foods transaction was a little confusing, because the numbers are the same whether it’s a percentage or a dollar amount. I think it’s a dollar amount, since your other example uses percentage signs.

  2. mahalie Says:

    Not being able to track cash spending is a make-or-break-it feature for me. I hope this is added soon because otherwise Wesabe seems like an amazing app!

  3. Shannon Says:

    Any idea when/if you’ll be able to use fractional split tags as a permanent tag? As someone who slpits most of my expenses down the middle weather I pay for them or not, it’s really the only useful way to track my spending.

  4. Anne Simmons Says:

    The split tags no longer is working for me with the new design. I can’t really use Wesabe without it. Also Search is still missing. And, I can’t figure my year-to-date expenses. HELP! I loved Wesabe before the new design. Now I’m so frustrated. Also my transactions come and no longer have check numbers.

    Thanks, Anne

  5. New screencast: Using tag splits « Wesabe: Your Money. Your Community. Says:

    […] an explicit user interface for it — instead, it’s a feature of our tagging system. (See this post for more […]

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