Wesabe Launched!


Today was a big day for us at Wesabe. Our site is live and available for everyone to use.

We set out to build a tool to help people gain control over their money, and we believe we have accomplished our goal. It isn’t perfect and we have a ton of features we want to add, but this product helps people right now.

We have been helped on this journey by an amazing number of people who gave their encouragement, time, feedback, patience and, truth be told, love (particularly our familes).

From all of us at the Wesabe team, welcome! We can’t wait to meet you.

Jason & Marc

11 Responses to “Wesabe Launched!”

  1. Shane Mitchell Says:

    Congrats, I’m looking forward to making use of the service.

  2. Open Parenthesis Says:

    Who owns (y)our data?…

    The panel I most wish I had been at the Web 2.0 Summit to see is the one on Open Data (see “Web 2.0 Confab Takes Aim at Closed Platforms” and “Google CEO Eric Schmidt: We Would Never Trap User Data“). In Marc Hedlund’s sum…

  3. Greg Cohn's Weblog Says:

    Wesabe Launches – Personal Finance 2.0…

    Wesabe launched this morning. They also have a blog. Wow – I was looking forward to this, but not expecting it so soon. I’m excited to dig in.
    Congratulations and good luck, Jason and Marc!


  4. Jim Lindley Says:

    Give a link, maybe?

  5. Jason Knight Says:


    Link now provided – thanks for the feedback.

  6. brent Says:

    congratulations jason! no well wishes or good lucks from me, big things are to come regardless…

  7. karl Says:

    Can I recommend a question to add to your FAQs?

    1) How do you make money?
    – If you don’t accept ads, does this mean accounts will not be free in the future?

  8. Jason Knight Says:


    Thanks for the suggestion – we’ll do just that.

  9. David Gross Says:

    You need more explanation on the site. The “tour” will not load for me, maybe it is my bandwidth..


  10. David Gross Says:

    OK, I managed to see the video.. Your site looks very interesting. It might be a good replacement for Quicken if it works as good as it looks on the video. Can I also keep track of stock trading accounts on Wesabe? Will you also offer tax preparation software or the ability to download from Wesabe to Turbotas or H&R Block?

  11. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Hi, David,

    We don’t currently support investment accounts, but we plan to add them as we understand that they are a key part of people’s full financial life. We are also planning to offer a variety of download formats for tax preparation purposes, including Excel. Feel free to drop me a line at support@wesabe.com if you have any other questions.

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