Cory Doctorow joins our advisory board


I’m happy to announce that Cory Doctorow has joined the Wesabe advisory board. Welcome, Cory!

In 2000, Wired Magazine wrote an article covering a set of peer-to-peer companies, including OpenCola, which Cory co-founded, and Popular Power, which I co-founded, and we met up as a result. I’ve been incredibly impressed watching Cory’s work at the EFF and as a superblogger on Boing Boing. I’m also a huge fan of his writing. I wanted his advice on Wesabe because he is one of the clearest thinkers I know on liberty and freedom in the Internet age, and on top of that is fantastically insightful about where the tech world is heading — and where it should head. (Talking to him about Wesabe for the first time was so much fun — he got it immediately and made a perfect suggestion to help protect privacy a short minute later.) I’m glad to have his counsel.

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  1. Foob Says:

    Well, i hope you’ve prepped for the invasion of the Boingieites that occurred after Cory published an entry!


  2. Clay Shirky joins our advisory board « Wesabe: Your Money. Your Community. Says:

    […] occasionally mistaken for Clay — it must be our hairdos (photo taken by our other advisor). Jeff Bezos from Amazon came bounding up to me at one ETech to tell me how much he’d loved […]

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