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I first read about The Hype Machine in Fred Wilson’s AVC blog. I find his posts on the venture business interesting, but what I really like is his enthusiasm for music, and the way he makes it a family affair. We also both like The Flaming Lips and TV on the Radio. So, I read about The Hype Machine on his blog, but I have been so disappointed with (does anyone know what it does?) that I never checked out the site. I read about it again on Business 2.0 and it had this quote at the end of the article: “Prepare to click on something that will change your life.” That really got my attention.

I go to the site, it take me about 15 seconds to figure out what to click (which is about 10 seconds too long in my opinion) but I find a random song, listen, and love it. I then see a band that I know, and a song that I don’t, listen and love it. Two for two, so I look around some more to see if there is a better way to use the service, and there is, so I do that. Now I’m a very happy camper, so I don’t just bookmark the site I put it on my toolbar, and uninstall (whatever that is).

Seriously, this is what the radio should be like — music that you haven’t heard before that rocks (in all of rock’s various forms).

If you are interested in a website that rules and finding music that rocks — check out the hype machine. Oh, and my new favorite artist and tracks

Pas/Cal — CAU Sans Muscle
Under the Influence of Giants — Faces
Latyrx — Muzappers (Lyrics Born is on this track)

2 Responses to “Finding Good Music”

  1. lynn Says:

    i love the new pas/cal stuff. brilliant!

  2. Dave Fletcher Says:

    It looks like a good way to listen to the odd track that you want to hear. But discovering new music?… yes you can, but it’s a bit too much like hard work.

    That’s where comes in. is clearly not perfect, but having discovered it last month it’s been opening my eyes to music that I am destined to like because people in my musical neighbourhood like it. I don’t have to think about it, the stuff just lands on my plate.

    I’d say that these are both great tools that *used together* become even more powerful. Discover effortlessly bands and music you like on … explore them further on The Hype Machine where you can get more than 30 seconds on demand.

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