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My friend Upendra sent me an email about Personal Kyoto. What an amazing idea! The site (currently only for New Yorkers) tracks your personal energy usage by logging into the electric company’s web site and downloading your usage information. It then shows you how you’re doing relative to the goals of the Kyoto Protocol. I love this. Government isn’t doing what you want? Ratify the Kyoto Protocol in your living room, one house at a time.

Personal Kyoto

Seeing the site made me think about James Duncan Davidson‘s great blog post today, talking about the way he was able to take data from around the web and craft it to his purposes when redesigning his personal site:

The neat thing is that this page goes beyond being a simple list of books with “Buy It!” links. There are the Customer Review ranks for each of the books (as an aside, I’m proud that all of my efforts have received at least 4 out of 5 stars). Then, by jumping to each book’s individual page, you can read the reviews for the books. There are my pitiful sales rank numbers. And there are links to my Amazon Wish List and other goodies. All of this is maintained by somebody else. It’s hosted on somebody else’s infrastructure. […]

Instead of just letting Amazon and Flickr and the other sites have all the fun, it’s like taking a bit of it back and collecting a web presence that’s wider than just what I can provide on a single system built by just me.

He’s right, and I love how far they’ve taken the same idea at Personal Kyoto. That’s my data: let me put it to work for me, and make of it what I want.

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  1. jolly Says:

    electricity usage != greenhouse emissions, at least not at my house. I’ve generated over 15MW/hr from my roof and counting. For what it’s worth, my household of six consumes less than a single person’s quota of “Personal Kyoto Goal” (a bizarre illogical metric) of electricity on an average month.

    Hot air aside, I do like the the idea of personalized web data. 🙂

  2. Marc Hedlund Says:

    Hey, Jolly,

    Reducing household demand for electricity seems like a great way for an individual to contribute to conservation in general. Whether you want to think about that as compliance with the Kyoto Protocol, or just good savings or good practice (which sounds like your motivation), who cares! I bet that “Personal Kyoto” is a far better motivation than “track your energy” would be as a presentation — at least, for people who are into that.

    But, it sounds like you’re already doing your part. The Jolly Protocol is working!

    Thanks for the comment — I’d love to hear how your solar setup works for you.

  3. Steven Alexander Says:

    Energy Trust of Oregon’s (subsidized by a 3% public purposes charge on energy bills) home energy analyzer downloaded my last year of gas and electric bills and showed me a monthly energy cost, graphed together with similar homes’ average cost.

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