Mouse Print


Via The Red Tape Chronicles, check out this amazing site: Mouse Print. The purpose of the site is to enlarge and interpret the “mouse-sized” fine-print that advertisers use to squeak past false advertising bans and trap consumers in bad deals. Some of the examples are incredibly, er, cheesy:

Wow. Where most accounts today earn only a few percentage points of interest, this bank is offering a rate from yesteryear: 10.38%.

Are you going to make a killing with this interest rate? Don’t bank on it.

For one, you have to visit a particular branch of West Gate Bank in Lincoln, Nebraska.

What else?

*MOUSE PRINT: “Minimum and maximum amount of $500 only.”

So how much money are we talking about really earning here? Six months’ worth of interest on $500 is approximately $25.95 (maybe a bit less). At their regular rate of interest (4%), you would earn about $10. So despite the attention grabbing headline of 10.38% interest, this offer is worth less than $16 in extra earnings.

I love the idea and some of the posts are written with a great sense of humor. I wish there were an easier way to get the information for a purchase I’m considering — these posts are great for fun, but not very practical to remember in the checkout line. Hopefully the site will get high enough ranking in search engines that it shows up for people who need the information. Great job and well worth a visit.

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