Jason Fried interview at Mutual Improvement


I’ve very much been enjoying Mutual Improvment, the new blog from the makers of the fabulous site 43Things. It talks about, as they say, “personal development, happiness, statistics, emotions, neurobiology, cognitive science and all the things that make life worth living.” A great mélange, and wholly relevant to Wesabe and what we’re hoping to do.

They recently posted an interview with my friend Jason Fried, and I loved one of the things he says about money problems:

I don’t think you have money problems until your problems are someone else’s benefits. When someone is making money off your money problems you’re in trouble.

That’s a great way to think about it. He qualifies that he isn’t talking about mortgages, but instead debt or loans with “no payoff in sight.” The rest of the interview is also worth a read.

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  1. Buster McLeod / Erik Benson Says:

    Thanks for the link, Marc. As you can probably tell from our recent posts, we’re thinking about money and finances a lot lately too (in relation to some new features on 43 Things) and it’s been great hearing that you’re thinking about a lot of the same problems that we see. There’s definitely a ton of room for improvement in this field.

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