Back from travels


I had a great time in Brussels at EuroOSCon, and met a bunch of entrepreneurs with fantastic ideas. I was somewhat surprised, talking with people at the conference about Wesabe, about how clearly they wanted the same sorts of tools. Reading news accounts in the U.S., you sometimes get the impression that struggles with debt and credit are more severe in America than elsewhere, and that certainly is true by some objective measures. But still, people all over seem to have the same feelings of uncertainty and guilt about money, and the same desire for better support.

Just after getting off my return plane flight, I dropped by Adaptive Path in San Francisco, and gave a demo of our preview release to the people there. It was a huge amount of fun to talk to people who know web apps as well as their team does, and to see them latch on immediately to some of the ideas I find the most exciting about Wesabe. Thanks to David Verba and Janice Fraser for the invitation to speak. I’m going to take some of the slides from my talk and turn them into posts here later this week.

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