The best time to buy, and money magazines


Via Stop Buying Crap, here’s a good list from SmartMoney of tips for getting good deals in different categories, by timing your purchases to catch sales and low-demand seasons.

I almost didn’t read this piece, because I don’t usually get that much out of SmartMoney and similar magazines — I want to like them, but I often think the advice is so general that it’s very far from the specifics of my life. “Spend less!” Got it…thanks. One magazine I do like is Consumer’s Checkbook, which is a non-profit, locally-targeted list of good vendors and services. Their web site is a little tough to navigate, but the magazine is worth checking out if it’s published near you (“in the Boston, Chicago, Delaware Valley, Puget Sound, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose, Twin Cities, and Washington, DC, areas”).

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