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Hi, I’m Jason Knight, one of the co-founders of Wesabe, and I’ll be posting here occasionally along with Marc. When we started working on Wesabe, one of the things that immediately became clear is how isolated we all are when it comes to understanding how we spend money. My wife for example tells me how bad we are about managing our money. I think she is wrong — I think we do a good job, but it’s hard to know. Since I started Wesabe many of my friends have opened up to me about how they manage their money (I feel a bit like a priest). More than ever, I’ve come to believe that questions around money need to be moved into the light. By opening the conversation with your wife, your friends, each other… we can all better understand and get more for our money. Stakes are too high for us to be isolated, so I’m psyched that you are here and I look forward to the dialog.

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  1. Monty Zukowski Says:

    If you haven’t found out about CEPR yet, have a look at Although they are looking at a much bigger picture than individual finances, they do a great job of explaining things like the US Housing Bubble, the outrageous costs of health care in the US, and other important economic news. Their mission is to de-mystify economics, in particular to challenge bad economic reporting. I found their audio/video lectures extremely informative. I’m very excited about your site and wish I could help make it happen! Good luck.

  2. Jason Knight Says:


    Thanks for the link. I hadn’t known about CEPR, and I think you are correct – what they do is very cool. Though I have to say, its housing calculator is a little harsh. I hope the true cost of ownership isn’t as bleak as the calculator makes it out to be. In terms of helping with what we are doing…you already are!



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